Today morning, i was still in Piesport Germany, but now I am in France Orleans. A bigger City in the Center of this awesome Country.

Business Trip, what else?

I drove from Germany to Orleans to meet a customer tomorrow. My Danish colleague and me had some time today evening and we decided to have dinner in the city centre. As this City was also grown over the centuries, we saw a lot of smaller streets or more an alley with enough space for one car and thats it. It seems that the bigger Streets are moving all to the center of the place.

We found a small french restaurant and eat a Steak. (yeah! men-food).
The sun turns already down. And I have not realized it till now, but that is the City liberated by Jeanne D’arc! The intial picture of this post shows herself on a horse.

The City is exciting and it would have a lot of possibilities to visit areas. Nevertheless – the sun is moving down behind the buildings and it is time to go back to the hotel…