Zoo Berlin – 2019 – Winter

seeing eye dog, birds and the wulf

I have to admit that i made the picture of the seeing eye dog before we moved to the cuddeling Zoo. Anyway i want to shortly refer to it. There is this small bronce figure who present a dog. Smalls means in this relation not the same size like Knautschke and is more the size of a real dog.

The small plate is stating that the figure is sponsored by the thankful blind of berlin. The sculptour Otto Richter has created this plastic

After the donkeys we are moving to the birds. This is divided into two areas, the “outer space” where the birds are exposed by the laws of nature. Normally used for locals or other animals in almost similar weather realm. in the inner area – perfectly tempered are the more exotic and heavy colored birds visible. There are also some areas available where special bird species are getting a special etablissement. for instance inclusive simulation of an endless wave.

The inner space
thats the area where you can open the coat. The temperature is much nicer than outside. The areal allows the bird a kind of space but it not enough for flying around the whole time.

Colorful are all species. Be it for mating or to adapt the color of the local flora to cheat with the fauna.

My absolute favorite – the blue guy below. It is not only the blue i like, it is also the color composition with maize yellow, the gray beak and the black pupil are really interesting.

those small fringe arround the eyes, and cose the the beak is also a bit yellow found. the small scratches on the beak as well as the color facets of the featherwork. I like the boy (i hope he is one).

there are many much more bird species available. some or less colorful and colored in fawn shades and other do have a red feathering.

If you walk through the birds house you will figure out that the zoo is not only interested to show you animals – they also want to allow you a small lok behind the scenes. Easily visible is for instance the kitchen for the animals where worms are in a bowls who are still crawling arround.

Leaving the birdshouse , we do met an additional one in a big cage. to hold this bird in a small cage is similar like storing a dog in a hamster cage. the pet would die. Similar like the lion king in africa, i do see this bird as king of the air.

Moving away from his terrain, we do hear voices who are yowling. We do think that these are childs who try to yowl like wulfs. Finally we do realize that are real wulfs.

Directly close to the wulf area is the next “zoo” for childs.

The Wulf. I just want to present you pictures of the wulf and not commenting anything.